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A wheel washer fixe, movable and without connection necessary

The World Laveur Fixe is a very simplified truck wheel washing system: the trucks drive into the washer at a constant speed of 10 to 15 km/h, the vibrations caused by the corners plus the water action ensure the removal of the sludge between the wheels and the tyre grooves.

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Connection free

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Reliability and robustness

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A safe and easy to clean washing system.

Guiding rails ensure the correct positioning of the vehicle on the slatted floor.

The in and out driving profile is perfectly adapted to the shape of the vehicles if the recommended speed is respected. It allows an efficient cleaning of trucks while ensuring driver’s safety and vehicle protection.

The cleaning of the tank is easily done with an excavator equipped with a dredging bucket. The slatted floor must be previously removed with adequate lifting equipment.

Sludge height under corners at the level of the horizontal modules is 250 or 400 mm maximum depending on the models.

Standard sizes of our bath tanks for truck and public works vehicles:

LF-15-250 wheel washer by World Laveur


Fixe washer 15m small capacity

Overall dimensions 15LM x 3.5LM
Width: 2.7m

Fixed wheel washer truck wheel washer


Fixe washer 15m large capacity

Overall dimensions 15LM x 3.6LM
Width: 2.7m

Easy to move fixed wheel washer


Fixe washer 18m

Overall dimensions 15LM x 3.5LM
Width: 2.7m