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A high-pressure washing station

The World Laveur Dynamique is a fixed washing area with high-pressure jets for cleaning the wheels of trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, public works vehicles, dumpers, etc.

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Fix and robust installation

Site adaptable

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High washing capacity

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Easy maintenance

A high-pressure washing system to evacuate sludges.

The World Laveur Dynamique is a truck wheel washing system made up of 4 lower ramps, 4 ramps for side wash as well as slatted floor.
The vibrations due to the driving of the vehicle on the slatted floor, together with the action of the high-pressure nozzles, enable teh removal of the mud located in between the wheels and the tyre grooves.

Using the same principle as the other models, the high-pressure nozzles ensure a water-saving and chemical free washing.

This washer has just one pump for the washing process. The water directly falls into a tank (concrete or steel) located below.

Standard size for a dynamique wheel washer tank:

Washing tank

9m (L) x 2,7m (W) x 1,75m (H)

Wheel wells

2.7m (adaptable on request)

A simplification to our flagship range

Thanks to our experience and customer feedback, World Laveur limited its Dynamique Washer range to three models that are adapted to the fouling levels of your sites.

Truck passing through a wheel washer world washer


4m dynamique washer

This washing station is adapted to low fouling installations

6m Dynamic washer by World Laveur


6m dynamique washer

This washer is adapted to moderate fouling installations

9m Dynamic wheel washer by World Laveur


9m dynamique washer

This washing equipment is adapted to heavy fouling installations